Culture Shock

To implement the winning cultural idea, the municipality will provide €5,000.

Culture Shock: ideas contest by and for young people in Amstelveen

Increase cultural offerings for young people. How do we do that?

""By asking the young people themselves what they miss in Amstelveen," said Alderman Herbert Raat (arts and culture). "So get involved and send in your idea before April 12!"

Visit the Culture Shock website

"To say that there is nothing to do for young people in Amstelveen is easy. I do it sometimes too, but now we have the chance to do something about it," said the reaction of a 16-year-old Amstelveen resident to Culture Shock. Participating is easy, but a number of conditions must be met: the idea must not yet exist in Amstelveen and must be able to be executed in collaboration with one of the local cultural organizations. Other than that, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. So anyone thinking of organizing an AR concert in the theater or a literary escape room in the library is welcome to apply.

Here's how it works
The youth of Future Face, a youth platform aimed at connecting young people with each other and initiatives in society, are visiting schools to raise awareness of Culture Shock. On Friday, March 10, they were at Keizer Karel College and this week they will follow at Panta Rhei and Herman Wesselink College. Amstelveen youth with ideas for cultural activities can apply until April 12, '23 at the Culture Shock website. Here you will find detailed information, conditions to be found.

Want to ask for help, for example in preparing a budget? Contact Luc Upson, as creative producer associated with the project, via WhatsApp 06-166 169 51

The Jury
Entries will be judged by a panel of young professionals who have convincingly demonstrated their affinity for local youth culture in recent years: Sneaker customizer Dani Dijkman, chairman of the joint marketing consultation of cultural institutions (the MOCI) Anna Wiersma and skateboarder Tijn van Elst who pushed hard for a skate park in Amstelveen.

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