Cokky Klein Hofmeijer


Working at Platform C since: 2011

To be reached at:

Education: Pabo and Dutch as a second language.

Work experience: more than 20 years of experience as an NT2 teacher (for both lower and higher educated). From 1998 to 2007 I taught NT2, especially to people with a lower and higher education, first at Amstelveen and Meerlanden and then at the ROC of Amsterdam in Amstelveen. Besides the general language programs I did a lot of social orientation, career orientation, practical situations and language and education for parents with children aged 0 to 12. In 2011 I started at the Volksuniversiteit Amstelland in Amstelveen and I still teach there with great pleasure and enthusiasm to beginners, semi-advanced, advanced and far advanced students.

Back from Zimbabwe in 1995, I wanted to give people from other countries a chance to build their lives here both socially and professionally.
Inspirational examples: a number of inspired teachers in my area.

Try to do every day - even if it's just one thing - that makes you happy.

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