Dina Gamal


Dina Gamal

Working at Platform C: as of season 22-23

Education: mass communication at Cairo University, Egyptology

Work experience: freelance guide in Egypt, teacher of Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic since 2009

Dina Gamal

Dina Gamal is from Egypt and came to the Netherlands in 2006. In Egypt, she worked as a guide for 20 years. After earning a bachelor's degree in mass communication from Cairo University, she studied Egyptology and introduced history, language and culture to tourists, expats and students. Since coming to the Netherlands, she has been engaged in introducing Egyptian and Arabic language and culture to interested people. In 2009, she began her career as a teacher of Egyptian and Modern Standard Arabic. Her first textbook 'Kalaam Masri part 1' was published in 2017, followed by two advanced textbooks.

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