Frieda Jacobowitz

transverse flute

Frieda Jacobowitz

Working at Platform C since: 1990

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Educations: Bachelor of Music Northwestern University (Chicago, IL), Royal Conservatory of Music The Hague, English teacher second grade InHolland.

Frieda Jacobowitz

Since 1990 I teach flute at the music school in Amstelveen (now called Platform C). I do this with great pleasure and dedication. Playing the flute is great fun and can be done at all ages and levels. I pay a lot of attention to tone production, pleasure in playing, technique, theory, history of the flute and more. Each year there is a common project for the flute students. Of past projects, I mention the St. Matthew Passion (arranged by me for flute orchestra), works by Brahms, music from 1900 to the present, musicals and much more.

Come see if you like the challenge of learning to play the flute too!

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