Jorge Pablo Ponce

modeling with clay, dry needle etching

Pablo Ponce Gomes de Saravia

Employed at Platform C since May 2022

Education: Rietveld Academy

Pablo Ponce Gomes de Saravia

I define myself as a Homo-universalis, as a Renaissance artist. I work with different artistic disciplines to push the boundaries. In my work, I strive for a fusion of theater and visual arts.

My work shows the relationship with my extensive experience as a professional set designer and autonomous visual artist. Through theatrical techniques such as light, sound and the use of different materials, especially clay and ceramics, together with video projections I can create multidimensional worlds.

In the past three years, I have additionally devoted myself to painting, exploring the possibilities that oil painting offers me.
The theme of my recent new work is man and his relationship with nature. How we perceive reality and the loss of rituals in contemporary society.


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