Mirjam Cuijpers

Guitar and ensemble leadership

Photo by Mirjam Cuijpers

Working at Platform C since: 1994

To be reached at: mcuijpers@muziekschoolamstelveen.nl

Educations: Conservatory of Tilburg; Music school Leiden and Amstelveen

Photo by Mirjam Cuijpers

Making and listening to music has been my great passion since high school. It was the first thing I did as soon as I woke up (alarm clock radio ???? ) and the last thing before I went to sleep. I really wanted to play guitar because of the versatility of the instrument: pop music, Spanish music, Latin and classical music. So all I wanted was to study at the conservatory and then teach guitar myself.

My inspirational examples: all the guitarists I listen to! Also my colleagues and students.

A day without music is a day not lived

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