Lab C

Find your purpose!

Find your purpose!

Every Thursday and Friday, you are welcome to explore your talents and passions! Choose what you like: the DJ & Beats Lab, the Fashion Design Lab, the Film Lab or the Podcast Lab. Led by creative coaches, you'll get to work on: mixing music, producing beats, making video and podcasts or pimping clothes in a sustainable way.

For whom.

You are 14 years of age or older. You do not have to have experience. The maximum age is 21.

No cost!


Lab C: Stadsplein 99 Amstelveen
The new creative space at Platform C is furnished with the latest gadgets and techniques.


Shivan Yasin


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Animation Lab is an interactive workshop by Lab C where you will develop basic principles and skills in the world of animation.
Graphic design Lab is an interactive workshop by Lab C where you will explore the fundamentals of graphic design and practical skills in visual communication...
Learn to mix, operate a turntable and produce your own remix. Release your own beat. Will you become the new Tiësto?
Are you curious about the process of filmmaking, already have cool ideas for a short film, but little knowledge or experience ?
Record your podcast and get to work with graphics, audio editing, camera and lighting. Let yourself be heard!