In the neighborhood

Active cultural participation is vital for the development of artistic and cultural competences, in other words: participating! In order to allow as many inhabitants as possible to participate in the area of art and culture, Platform C wants to bring them into contact with this in their own environment. Platform C will spread its activities throughout the city and go into the neighborhoods.

In this context, the CultuurKabaal project was launched in the summer of '21. In April '22, the KickASS project was launched. ASS is the abbreviation for Amstelveen Subsidy Speeddates. The aim is to stimulate activities in the district and to keep the barriers to their organization as low as possible.

Connector and booster: the culture coach of Platform C

Platform C focuses primarily on youth and young people to encourage them to actively participate in culture in their own neighborhood and to lower the threshold for doing so. Platform C does this by deploying a culture coach, a connector and booster between various cultural and social organizations and education. The culture coach is committed to the entire cultural sector in Amstelveen with the aim of getting as many children and young people as possible to participate in cultural activities and leisure time initiatives.

The culture coach has a role in directing students with motivation, enjoyment and/or talent to activities in the district, close to home. If necessary, the culture coach also develops cultural activities himself in the districts, in addition to existing offerings, such as CultuurKabaal.


CultuurKabaal began as a pilot in June 2021 in the Bankras/Kostverloren neighborhood. Under this heading, two 6-week introductory programs for children in grades 5 through 8 were offered, put together with offerings from cultural partners such as Platform C, Bibliotheek Amstelland and Schouwburg Amstelveen. Based on the needs of the target group, the pilot was translated into a program in the district that is offered on a structural basis. Rates are deliberately kept low; financing with Amstelveenpas is possible for people with smaller wallets. Meanwhile, the districts of Groenelaan and Keizer Karelpark have also become involved in CultuurKabaal. Cultural cabal also takes place in 2023> 


During the Amstelveen Subsidy Speeddates anyone who has an idea to do something with culture in the neighborhood can pitch that idea to a panel of experts. If the panel is enthusiastic, €1,000 to €2,500 will be made available to implement the idea. This could include a neighborhood picnic with music, a neighborhood festival with street theater, setting up a Caribbean drum band, a photo shoot with friends from school, making a short film, a flashmob, in short: virtually all ideas are welcome. The first neighborhood pitches took place in community center Alleman (Bankras/Kostverloren neighborhood) and De Bolder (Groenelaan). The first project was carried out in 2022 in the form of an exhibition.  KickAss gets a sequel in 2023> 

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