Platform C at school

Cultuureducatie Amstelland is the partnership of cultural organizations and schools for primary and secondary education in the Amstelland region. For years it has been part of Platform C, formerly the Amstelveen Music and Dance School.

Cultuureducatie Amstelland provides cultural education in the form of teaching packages, modules and learning lines developed with schools and cultural institutions. Cultuureducatie Amstelland also supplies customized projects. All the courses on offer and more information can be found on the website

Indoor cultural education

The merger of Cultuureducatie Amstelland and the Education department of Platform C has created a single central department for in-school cultural education, for both primary and secondary schools. In this way Platform C can strengthen its role as a platform and knowledge center in the field of in-school cultural education in the coming years, in accordance with the objectives in the programme Culture Education with Quality Amstelland 2021-2024.

Culture Education with Quality Amstelland

Purpose of the regional program Culture Education with Quality Amstelland 2021-2024, of which Platform C has been the coordinator since February 2021, is to strengthen the cultural skills and creative abilities of students in primary education. In order to reach as many youth and young adults as possible, Platform C will focus more on strengthening indoor music and dance education, in collaboration with both primary and secondary schools.

Connecting inner- and outer-school cultural education

In the context of Culture Education with Quality Amstelland 2021-2024 Platform C has developed a model for four focus areas designated by the municipality. In collaboration with the participating schools, an introductory programme will be offered at school that ties in with the school's own cultural education programme. An inventory will be made of the possibilities offered by the district itself, so that this can be made part of the inner school programme where possible. Then an accessible after-school program is offered. The program consists of the offerings of Amstelveen's cultural partners.

For further in-depth study, referrals are made to opportunities in the neighborhood or within the Municipality of Amstelveen. A pilot of these introduction programs was held at De Horizon elementary school and will follow at Het Palet-Zuid.

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