Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most common questions. Do you have other questions? Then feel free to call (020-647 14 57) or e-mail ( contact us.

You can sign up for a course through this website. Choose your course, fill out the online registration form and submit your application via the registration button. Prefer to use the registration form? Download the Dutch version or English version of the form, print it out, and turn in the completed form to the Platform C front desk.

What is an annual course?
These courses run for the entire year. A year runs concurrently with the school years. Start is always after summer vacation. Course ends before summer vacation.

When can I sign up for an annual course?
You can sign up for an annual course throughout the year. Classes start after the summer vacations. If a suitable place becomes available, you can enroll during the year. In that case, the relevant teacher will contact you.

I have signed up for an annual course. When can I/my son/daughter start?
From the time of application you are on the list to be placed. Classes start after the summer vacations. If a suitable place becomes available, you can join on an interim basis. In that case, the relevant teacher will contact you.

Status update of placement
Three times a year you will receive a status update on enrollment. This is before the Christmas vacations, in March and before the summer vacations. You can then indicate if you would like to stay on the list as soon as places become available.

Placements year course
In July and August, the teachers review which new students can be placed for the instrumental year courses. Many students continue playing instruments; they may indicate their preference first. Some students do not know this until the end of summer vacation due to their own school schedule and sports. Hence, for new students it is sometimes a bit of a wait when there is a spot. Of course we do our best to place everyone. If you, your son or daughter qualify for music lessons, the relevant teacher will contact you with a proposal for a day and time.

What is a short course?
Our short courses last 9 to 12 weeks on average, depending on the type of course.

When can I sign up for a short course?
The short courses start three times a year: after summer vacation, in January and in May.

Does a short course always continue?
If there are enough applications, a course will go ahead. If there are too few applications, it does not.

When will I hear if my course will continue?
You will receive confirmation one week before the course begins.

The course continues
If the course continues, you will receive a start confirmation by email. You should bring this start confirmation to the first lesson so that the teacher can check the correct participants.

In the general information of your chosen course you will find the schedule with days and times. Go to the course overview.

For instrumental lessons, we organize trial lessons once a year. These usually take place in June/July. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on this.

There are different types of lesson formats and rates. Click here for an overview.

Platform C considers it very important that our clients are satisfied with the quality of our classes, courses and workshops. Nevertheless, you may not be satisfied with our services. Read here how to file a complaint.

The number of people with impaired hearing is increasing enormously. On the one hand this is due to aging, on the other hand deafness is increasingly being diagnosed among young people and musicians. An important cause is loud noise, including loud music. If you want to know what you can do to prevent hearing damage, go to

Platform C is located in a beautiful location on the Stadsplein. The best way to reach us is by bike or public transport. If you do come by car, please note that parking in the center of Amstelveen is not free. We have no influence on the level of parking fees. There are two large parking garages under Stadsplein. The first 90 minutes you can park there for free. See also our information about the accessibility of Platform C.

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