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Learn Dutch with Platform C's Dutch courses for expats. Are you new to the Netherlands and want to express yourself confidently in Dutch? Or have you been here for a while, but want to take your language skills to the next level? Our experienced teachers understand the challenges expats face when learning Dutch. Which Dutch for expats course is right for you? We offer Dutch courses for expats at any level from A0 to B2.

Dutch course at your level

Platform C offers these Dutch courses Dutch for expats and non-native speakers to. Click through to read more about the CEFR levels of the NT2 courses.

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To make sure you take the Dutch course that matches your level, a initial interview place. This way you will always end up with the course that is most suitable for you!

Discover the enchanting world of the Dutch language with Dutch courses for expats at Platform C!

  • Dutch for expats and non-native speakers
  • Maximum learning effect, at your level
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Learn to communicate more easily at work and in your daily interactions
  • Method for the higher educated

Dutch for expats and non-native speakers

Learning the Dutch language is invaluable for expats and non-native speakers. First of all, mastering the local language facilitates your daily interactions and routines. Whether shopping for groceries, using public transportation, or establishing social contacts, having good language skills increases one's sense of independence and comfort in everyday life.

Sign up for one of the Dutch courses for expats and discover the power of language!


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