Platform C has a large number of partners in Amstelveen and the Amstelland region with whom cooperation has been established. A complete overview can be found in the image below. The following partners, among others, play a role in current collaborations.

Future Face

In collaboration with P60 and Future Face, a DJ course can be followed in Platform C. The final presentation will take place in P60 and one of the students will be invited to perform as a DJ at a Future Face event. Together with Future Face, Platform C is also developing a specially equipped creative space for young people where they can practice with the necessary equipment for a small fee.

Ateliers 2005
Museum JAN
SAKB KunstLokaal

In November 2021, as part of the connection of in-school and out-of-school cultural education, a pilot started in the Keizer Karelpark district. In Ateliers 2005 there is a children's workshop for eight weeks on Wednesday afternoons for students in grades 3-8. Every two weeks they are offered a different technique by teachers of Museum JAN and artists of Ateliers 2005, including STIP and SAKB KunstLokaal.

Schouwburg Amstelveen
Bibliotheek Amstelland
Participe Amstelland
SAKB KunstLokaal

In June 2021 a pilot project took place in the district Bankras/Kostverloren. Under the title CultuurKabaal, two six-week introductory programs were offered to children in grades 5-8. CultuurKabaal is now offered structurally in this district and will be continued in other districts, including Groenelaan and Keizer Karelpark.

Jeugd Fonds Sport en Cultuur

Financial support for less well-off participants of CultuurKabaal is made possible with the help of Jeugd Fonds Sport en Cultuur and Amstelveenpas.

Schouwburg Amstelveen
Cello Biënnale

In October 2021, the Hello Cello Day took place, an event as an extension of the Cello Biennale in Amsterdam. The Hello Cello Day was a co-production of Platform C and Schouwburg Amstelveen, in collaboration with the Cello Biennale. These two partners collaborated in the areas of programming, publicity and technology. Meanwhile, a new edition of the Hello Cello Day is being prepared.

Cobra Museum

In collaboration with the Cobra Museum, a music project was linked to an exhibition at the museum in 2022. Young musicians were challenged to use their musical skills to reflect on exhibited art through improvisation.

Participe Amstelland
Lang Leve Kunst Fonds

Platform C sees it as its social task to develop an appropriate offering for vulnerable groups: people who for whatever reason experience barriers to participation in social activities. In September 2021 an exploratory project started in collaboration with welfare organization Participe, for visitors of the Odensehuis, intended for people with early onset dementia. In the program 'My Home', professional teachers worked with music, visual arts and photography. The project was realized with the help of the Lang Leve Kunst Fonds.

Vrije Academie

The lecture series Art Deco in February and March '22 was the result of collaboration between Platform C and the Vrije Academie, a national educational institute for art and culture. The series was the first step towards cultural education with added value for adults, in the pursuit of lifelong learning. Platform C also actively seeks cooperation with the Bibliotheek Amstelland and other providers of adult education.

Amateurkunst Amstelveen

Organized amateur art in Amstelveen is supported by Platform C in several ways and invited for cooperation. Platform C participates in the steering committee of Podium Amateurkunst Amstelveen, manages the website and its communication channels and provides meeting space for consultations within this sector. Amateur art is further supported in the field of joint publicity and by applying for subsidies for joint events. Platform C also focuses on substantive cooperation between youthful art and culture practitioners and the adult amateur art network.


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