About Platform C

Platform C is the organization for cultural education and cultural participation, aimed at inhabitants of Amstelveen and the Amstelland region. Besides educational courses in the fields of music, dance, languages and visual arts, Platform C focuses on cultural participation for a wide variety of target groups, in collaboration with different partners.

Platform C

At Platform C, every participant, young and old, gets the chance to make the most of themselves in the fields of music, dance, theater, education and art. Courses and workshops are given and there is a stage where you can share everything you learn with others. Platform C is also the place where everyone, regardless of their prior education, has the opportunity to develop themselves further, in the broadest sense of the word. For example language courses, creative courses as painting and sculpture, music and dance, from classical ballet to street dance. All courses, workshops and lectures are taught by knowledgeable and experienced teachers and speakers.


Platform C wants to enable all people in the city of Amstelveen and the region of Amstelland to develop optimally in the broad field of art, knowledge and culture. Regardless of origin, background, stage of life and other circumstances. Because in the 21st century communicative, creative and cultural skills are decisive for success and happiness. Platform C increases the accessibility of art, knowledge and culture and opens the door to the power of imagination and creativity. Platform C focuses on individual enrichment and on increasing the ability to participate in society. Platform C is the place where you work together towards a complete and colorful life!


Platform C was founded in 2017 as an overall organization for the existing Music and Dance School Amstelveen, Volksuniversiteit Amstelland and Kunstuitleen Amstelveen. In 2019, social and financial circumstances gave cause to adjust the objectives. This resulted in 2022 in a more concentrated and market-oriented course offering in the fields of music, dance, languages, heritage and creativity, and a broadening of projects aimed at cultural participation - including in education, in community centers and for specific target groups.

The Volksuniversiteit (People's University) originated in England in the second half of the nineteenth century. The first Dutch Volksuniversiteit was founded in Amsterdam in 1913 by Prof. Dr. S.R. Steinmetz and aimed to contribute to the development of the total personality of the inhabitants of the Netherlands, regardless of their origin, their religious or political beliefs. His three principles (neutrality, accessibility and a broad offer) are still the pillars on which the popular universities develop their activities and they perfectly match the mission of Platform C.

Music and Dance School Amstelveen was founded in 1952. In the beginning the education consisted mainly of general musical education, but after a few years instrumental education also made its appearance. From the 1980s, students could start playing an instrument as soon as they were physically able to do so. It was an important turning point in the school's history, leading to the creation of a large preparatory instrumental education department. The pop/jazz department also developed rapidly from that point on. In the early 1990s, the dance department was added. Recently, the course offerings have been enriched by the energetic youth-oriented program of Urban Arts, with courses such as Rap, Hiphop, DJ mixing and Graffiti.

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