General conditions

By completing and signing the registration form (both written and online), you are committing to the terms and conditions described on these pages.

A class year consists of 37 class weeks. Platform C adheres to the school vacations of the municipality of Amstelveen, the vacation schedule is on the website. An annual course is an activity that occurs 35 times or more in a year. A short course is an activity that occurs less than 25 times in the year.

Unacceptable behavior
Platform C is affiliated with the industry regulation for professional relief for unacceptable behavior. Under unacceptable behavior is meant: sexual harassment, bullying, discrimination, aggression and violence. This regulation applies to employees and students. In addition to professional assistance from well-trained confidential counsellors, there is a complaints committee made up of experts. The central reporting number is through ArboNed and can be reached 7 days a week, 24 hours a day: 0800-020420.

Enrollment in music and dance education and Urban Arts

  • For year-round courses, you can register through our website.
  • You can choose a group lesson or an individual lesson: in a group lesson the student has lessons together with other students: 2 students receive 30 minutes of lessons together each week, 3 students receive 45 minutes together, and 4 students receive 60 minutes together. For most students and courses this is an ideal form of teaching to start with. Sometimes it is not possible to form a group, for example because there are no students of the same level. In that case you can opt for a place on the waiting list, or for one of our individual lesson packages (with corresponding fees).
    You can also choose a individual lesson. This is possible from 20 minutes per week or, for adults, 30 minutes every two weeks. If desired, the teacher can advise two students with individual packages to combine into duo lessons. This is always done in consultation with students/parents.
  • Students under the age of 18 must have the application/change form signed by the parent/guardian.
  • Registrations are processed in order of receipt. In case of too many registrations we will work with a waiting list.
  • A short course can only go ahead if there are enough registrations.
  • At least one week before the start of classes, courses or projects you will receive notification of the start date and class time.
  • The (re)enrollment of year-long courses is for an entire course year, which runs from August 1 to July 31. The tuition fees relate to the entire course year.
  • You agree to the use of the phone number and email address you provide for communication with the instructor.
  • For year-long courses, the lesson day, lesson time, and (group) schedule are determined in consultation with your instructor.
  • For year-long courses without a waiting list, a trial class can be taken upon request.
  • For short courses, it is not possible to take a trial class.

Registration for language and creative courses

  • Registration is possible from the moment the program offer is online. Registration can only be done through the website.
  • Registrations will be processed in order of receipt. A confirmation of the registration will be sent by email as soon as it has been processed. If a course is full, Platform C is entitled to increase the maximum number of participants by a maximum of 2. If there are too few participants, Platform C has the right to cancel a course or only allow it to continue under changed conditions. If a course is fully booked or cancelled, the course fee already paid will be refunded within 14 days. If Platform C is forced to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances, a pro rata refund will be made.

Admission to language courses

In principle one can register for all courses. However, the teacher is authorized to give a binding advice for transfer to another course, if during the first lessons it appears that the student does not have the required level to follow the course within a reasonable time. Students who repeatedly disrupt the lesson or violate house rules may be denied access to the course; in such cases no refund of the course fee will be made.


The amount of tuition for our courses can be found on our website. The tuition fees for students aged 21 and over include 21% VAT. The following forms of education are exempt from VAT: lessons for students up to 21 years of age, ensemble education of the music department and language courses.

To the course price may be added other costs, such as the necessary purchase or rental of instruments, costs of (teaching) materials such as (music) books, creative materials or otherwise. These are not included in the price unless otherwise stated. We advise you only to purchase teaching materials/books when it is certain that the course will take place, of which you will receive a confirmation.

Payment of annual courses in music and dance education and Urban Arts

  • By completing and signing the registration form, you agree to pay the course fee if you or your child is placed.
  • The course fee can be paid in 1 installment or 3 installments via invoice.
  • Invoices are sent by email.
  • If placed during a class year, tuition will be charged pro rata.
  • Continuation of classes is possible only if there are no payment delays.
  • Failure to pay the bill on time will result in postage and handling charges.

Payment for short courses in music/dance/Urban Arts, languages and creative

By completing and signing the registration form, you commit yourself to paying the course fee. The course fees for short courses must be paid at once by means of payment via iDEAL. For those for whom this is not possible, an exception can be made in the form of a pin payment; please contact our administration desk on 020-647 14 57.


Family discount
A Family Discount is automatically calculated: 5% for the 2nd and subsequent child (up to age 21). The discount applies only to annual courses for students up to age 21.

Platform C believes it is important that everyone can participate in arts and culture, including people with small wallets. We have listed all the possibilities for you: view options.

Attendance and Absence

  • The student is expected to have sufficient study time at his/her disposal and to minimize absence from classes. In case of absence, the administration should be informed as soon as possible, preferably before 11:00 and with a statement of the reason.
  • Lessons missed due to the student/course member being unable to attend will not be made up/refunded.
  • Waiver or refund of tuition fees is only possible if there are special circumstances; moving to another municipality or a long-term illness (after consulting a doctor's certificate).
  • In the event of an instructor's absence, the instructor or course administration will notify you by phone and/or email. Please make sure we have your current information.
  • In case of illness of the instructor, an attempt will be made to provide a replacement. If replacement is not possible, the tuition fee will be refunded from the third lesson not taken in the case of year-long courses. In the case of short courses, tuition will be refunded from the 2e Lessons not taken will be refunded.
  • In the event of calamities such as extreme weather conditions, force majeure, an epidemic and other exceptional circumstances, as a result of which no physical lessons can be given, Platform C will offer alternative forms of lessons, such as instruction/homework and/or online lessons. If Platform C does not offer an alternative, cancelled lessons will be eligible for a refund. Platform C is not liable for (consequential) damage resulting from force majeure.
  • Any refund due to absenteeism will take place after the conclusion of the course, when it is clear exactly how many lessons did not take place.

Unsubscribe from annual courses

In the event of premature termination, the obligation to pay the full tuition fee shall continue to exist. This only applies if the termination is based on medical advice (the lesson fee will then be reduced by as many months as, after receipt of the written notification, no more lessons are followed). When moving outside the region, a notice period of 3 months must be observed.

Unsubscribe from short courses

It is not possible to disenroll from short courses in the interim.
Cancellation of registration for a short course is possible up to 2 weeks before the scheduled start date. No administration fee will be charged.

Hearing Protection

Prevention of hearing damage is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian or student attending classes. Platform C cannot be held liable for any hearing damage caused as a result of attending classes, courses or stays at Platform C.

Responsibility and Liability

Platform C cannot be held responsible and/or liable for damage to persons and/or possessions, nor for loss of property during activities organized by or on behalf of Platform C.


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