Mariette Renssen

botanical drawing

Mariëtte Rensen

I am Mariette Renssen, visual artist and studied at the A.K.I in Enschede. Received several stipends, nominations and work grants for my work and was winner of the Prix de Rome for the discipline of drawing. My education: AKI Enschede and 1st degree kopopleiding.

I have been teaching for 20 years and am very committed and enthusiastic. I enjoy inspiring and motivating others during their development. I have been working at Platform C since April 2022. My own work is largely inspired and created from my walks in nature, then there is nothing but surrender to the environment and the cycle of nature.

Mariëtte Rensen

My motivation: I really enjoy helping discover and develop the drawing potential in others.

Inspirational examples: Turner, Maria Sibylla Merian, Claude Monet, Per Kirkeby, Ellsworth Kelly and so many.

There is always inspiration... love botanical gardens and walking in nature. Intention, attention, observation and openness ... head, heart and hands

I myself am very broad and experienced in various techniques.
I especially focus on attentive viewing and hand-eye coordination. Head - heart and hands I often call it.

What do we think we see and what do we really see? And how do I translate that on a flat sheet of paper? During the lesson I will give many hints on how to achieve more depth or light darkness or blending of color, as well as exercises in hand-eye coordination. We work with a basic instruction with a specific assignment about the shape of the flower and a possible approach. Often I bring flowers/plants from the season.
I can guide everyone at his or her own level, and there is a build-up in points of interest through the lessons and a deepening of the material.


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