Thu Jan 12, 2023, 19:15

Master class Martin Koolhoven
Koolhoven's choice: hitman

Martin Koolhoven Amstelveen


Thu Jan 12, 2023, 19:15


  • Cinema Amstelveen

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Dutch filmmaker Martin Koolhoven will choose the themes of war, superheroes and hitman for his 3 master classes. In an infectious way, he discusses interesting films in these genres, each time followed by the screening of Koolhoven's choice film. In this 3rd master class, the theme is hitman. Film: Road to Perdition

Koolhoven's choice: hitman

If Martin Koolhoven had not become a filmmaker, he would now be a hit man. "Spend your own time, see a bit of the world and make a pretty good living. In other words: high time to put the noble profession of hitman, with a rich tradition in genre films, under the magnifying glass," said Koolhoven. The main film of the evening is the comic book movie Road to Perdition by Sam Mendes.
Michael Sullivan works for crime boss John Rooney. Michael's eldest son is curious about his father's work, and when he once again goes out for Rooney, he decides to follow him. He witnesses a reckoning and everyone wonders if the boy will be able to keep his mouth shut. An assassin is ordered to make sure, and kill Michael and his family. However, the main targets, Michael and his son, manage to escape and go on the run.

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