Thu Nov 3, 2022, 19:15

Master class Martin Koolhoven
Koolhoven's choice - theme: war


Thu Nov 3, 2022, 19:15


  • Cinema Amstelveen

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Single ticket: €28 (including service fee)

Passe-partout for the 3 master classes of Martin Koolhoven (do 3 Nov 22, do 8 Dec 22 and do 12 Jan 23): € 75 (including service charges).

Dutch filmmaker Martin Koolhoven will choose the themes of war, superheroes and hitman for his 3 master classes. In an infectious way, he discusses interesting films in these genres, each time followed by the screening of Koolhoven's choice film. In this master class, the theme is war. Film: The Sand Pebbles

Koolhoven's choice, theme: war

"It may be cynical, but I'm afraid this theme will still be relevant a few months from now, no matter what happens in the coming time. War, unfortunately, is of all times and tonight we are trying to reflect that through various well-known and lesser-known film clips." Played is the film Sand Pebbles from 1966.
It is 1926. China is trying to come out of the doldrums with a revolution after troubled times with warlords. An engineer on an American naval ship meets a missionary with whom he falls in love, changing his view of America's role in China.

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