KickASS: the first results

The KickASS project, launched in April 2022, generated fantastic responses. From these, six ideas have been selected that will soon be given hands and feet, and with that will enrich the cultural life in various Amstelveen neighborhoods.

What is KickASS?

The project is funded by the Municipality of Amstelveen and Amstelidee. In April 2022 the first 'Amstelveen Subsidy Speeddates' (ASS) took place in two community centers, where everyone from Amstelveen could present his or her ideas for cultural activities in the neighborhood in a very accessible and personal way to a panel of experts. If the panel decides in favor of the idea, funds are made available to carry it out. In this way, local initiatives are encouraged and can actually be carried out without too much fuss. In short: KickASS!

Six ideas: creative and committed

From the many enthusiastic responses that came in for KickASS, a committee consisting of representatives of Platform C, Amstelidee and Participe, made a selection of ideas that will be followed up. Remarkable in this is the degree of creativity and social commitment. In short:

1. Amstelveen Pearls: a photo series of 80+ inhabitants of Amstelveen who are now more or less 'invisible' to the outside world, leading a withdrawn life in a nursing home, but were once a lively part of society. With a series of portraits that will be exhibited at various locations in Amstelveen, the maker wants to take these people out of their closed shell and let them shine like a pearl.

2. Gnome Dance: activity for small children full of dance and movement. During ten weeks, children in the district Bankras/Kostverloren have the opportunity to participate in fun, educational activities with children's music, musical instruments and dance.

3. Community Festival Keizer Karelpark: free festival that brings together all residents of the Keizer Karelpark district - young, old, poor, rich, status holders and expats. They are invited to Ateliers 2005 to learn together about new ideas, not only about art, but also about topics such as sustainability.

4. The recipe of our street: An initiative of Iranian expats in community center De Bolder to get to know each other better. What is important for sociability in any culture? Eating! This initiator will visit all 61 houses in the street and ask them for their ancestral family recipe: that famous apple pie, or that crazy harira - every culture has such a dish. These recipes are drawn so that everyone can understand and prepare it. A street recipe book will be made from these recipes. This book will be presented to the residents during a festive communal meal.

5. Clean rap workshopsThe proposal to organize 'clean' rap workshops in the community centers of Amstelveen. Children and youth learn to rap without too much slang and swear words, but with literary words to increase the language level and vocabulary.

6. Amstelveen promo YouTube: an enthusiastic and energetic duo is filmed during an exploration of multifaceted Amstelveen: the fun places, restaurants, cultural hotspots, woods and parks, all lively interspersed with interviews with local entrepreneurs and residents. Amstelveen in the picture!

Platform C supports the selected initiatives with advice. Follow the news on our website for the latest.

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