Master classes: Bach, the other story

Are you interested in art, music, history and literature? Find out more at Platform C's fascinating master classes. A new series will start in March '23 with Bert Natter.

Bach: the other story

Enrich yourself with an evening master class at Platform C. Journalist and writer Bert Natter will make its appearance at the Zonnestein Hall in March.

Regarded by many as the greatest composer of all time: Johann Sebastian Bach. Was he as austere and devout as many think, what made him unique, and where are his remains? Writer and former journalist Bert Natter is a great lover of Bach. He sheds bright light on these matters, with the collaboration of pianist Stephanus Harsono. In this master class: Bach as a family man.

All tickets and passepartouts for the series are found on the Masterclass page.

Netherlands, Baarn, January 23, 2012 Bert Natter, author Photo: Merlijn Doomernik

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