Preparatory guitar


The versatile guitar, from quiet to rock

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Any little guitarist can grow into a big guitar hero. There are countless examples of this in as many genres.

The guitar is versatile, can rock, but can also sound very quiet and intimate. Anyway, we start at the beginning. First we play the loose strings with the right hand. Then the left hand joins in. We play a melody or chords by making the strings sound together. We look at the score. We sing and play games, which develop hearing and a sense of rhythm. Imagination is used and playing is done together. The little guitar hero is born.

This course is a good preparation for acoustic guitar and electric guitar classes (ages 7 and up).

After your application is completed, the instructor will contact you about the class day and class time. Grading is done on the basis of equal age and level. Sometimes the interest is so great that we unfortunately have to work with a waiting list. This course starts after the summer vacations.

Practical Information


  • 5 to 6 years


Course dates:

September 11, 2023 - July 10, 2024

Wednesday, Friday



City Center

Course code:

Preparatory instrumental € 604.00


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Group class is a minimum of 30 minutes per week, see also our  general terms and conditions.
If you enter later in the year, course fees will be prorated once placement is final.
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