Making music together

Making music together is great fun and very educational. You can do that with us in one of the many ensembles! There are ensembles for different instruments, levels and compositions. Are you taking instrumental lessons at Platform C? Then participation in the ensembles is free, with the exception of the Project Orchestra: you can participate at a reduced rate. Your teacher will invite you and determine which ensemble best suits your needs.

Ensembles on offer

Harp ensemble adults

Do you play the harp and would like to play together (more)? This is possible starting October 3, and it can be done without having to transport your harp to the City Square each time.
Especially for adults, there is a harp ensemble led by Lotje Meijer; the harps are waiting for you in Platform C. Do you have at least 2 years of experience? Welcome! Join us and experience the joy of playing together for 9 weeks on Monday evenings.
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Accordion ensemble 2 - Starting at the beginning

Accordion Ensemble 2 is created for beginning students. You play simple melodies or a bass line. Not at all difficult, but a lot of fun to do. In this ensemble you perform several times a year.

Accordion ensemble 1 - a beautiful ensemble

Accordion Ensemble 1 is created for advanced students. You will be challenged to technically and rhythmically forge more difficult accordion parts into a whole. This ensemble performs regularly and even participates in exchange programs of performances at home and abroad!


After just one year of lessons on flute, clarinet, saxophone or trumpet, you can play along in Tegenwind. Tailor-made arrangements of mainly popular melodies ensure that everyone can play along. Conducted by Pieter Slijkoord.

Blazers Ensemble

This is a mixed wind ensemble, in this you play after 2 or 3 years of lessons, age about 11 to 16 years. We play various styles, from musical and film to klezmer and classical. Conducted by Irma Bouwmeester.


You become a member of the Fluteastic family if you have extensive experience playing the flute. The fantastic thing is in the opportunity you get here to be introduced to several other instruments of the flute family: piccolo, alto flute, bass flute and - yes - the contrabass flute.

James Pink & the Panther Bond

If, after a career in Tegenwind, you have acquired a taste for it and want to move on to pop with clarinet or saxophone, James Pink & the Panther Bond is the next step. The ensemble performs regularly during recitals and pop evenings. Led by Joao Driessen (only accessible for students of Platform C).

Recorder ensemble 1 - The first time together

When you can whistle a nice tune on your soprano recorder after one year of lessons, you may join the Recorder Ensemble 1. Together with other soprano recorder players and older students who play the alto and tenor recorder. And maybe you would like to learn to play that too! Led by Dodó Kis.

Recorder ensemble 2 - All recorders together

After two years, you play soprano recorder so well that a seat is waiting for you in Recorder Ensemble 2. You have been introduced to tenor recorder and the alto recorder. The impressive bass recorder also comes within reach. What sounds is the complete recorder family, from high to low, in delightful harmony. Led by Dodó Kis.

Blokfluit Kopgroep - Versatile and virtuoso

The Recorder Head Group is the cream of the crop. In this ensemble you play an extensive repertoire, from early music to contemporary. Sometimes with soprano, alto, tenor and bass, other times with only low recorders. You have practiced, worked hard and achieved results. A position in the leading group of the recorder platoon is your reward. Under the direction of Dodó Kis.

Guitar ensemble 1 - After one year already together

In this ensemble you will learn to play simple pieces of music together with more than 20 guitarists. Sometimes enlivened by some recorders or flutes, sometimes by percussion instruments like xylophone, tambourine or castanets. A musical feast of the purest kind. Under the direction of master of ceremonies Marcus de Jong.

Guitar Ensemble 2 - Challenge for ensemble playing

In Guitar Ensemble 2, the bar is raised a little higher. The arrangements are more difficult, you have to focus more on technique and the rhythms are more complicated. There will be beautiful music on your desk: classical, but also exciting Spanish music and pop music. Sometimes other instruments play along. Led by Mirjam Cuijpers.

Guitar ensemble 3 - For advanced players

In this ensemble, you will be ready for third gear. Serious pieces from the guitar repertoire will be studied. In addition, you will throw yourself into beautiful arrangements of folk music. A sound that will give you chills. Sometimes other instruments play along so that the timbre is varied. Led by Martin Lichters.

Piano ensembles - Five piano ensembles, one passion

Practice breeds art. This applies to every instrument and also to the piano. Playing together makes for even more fun and faster progress. That is why Platform C has five piano ensembles. After your second year of lessons, your teacher will classify you. You will play in an ensemble for four months, after which it is the other students' turn. Ensembles 1 to 4 are for third- and fourth-year students. The 5th ensemble is for fifth- and sixth-year students.

Teachers: Stephanus Harsono, Violaine Delplanque, René Lantinga

De Donderstokken - Thundering fast playing together

Beginners can be part of De Donderstokken - simply the most fun orchestra in Amstelveen! Together you will discover how to make music, by playing simple songs with simple rhythms. This way you learn to play your instrument twice as fast. Soon you will feel like you are in a real orchestra. The conductor is Ryuko Reid.

First String Orchestra - Over forty strings together

If you have been playing your instrument for two or three years, you may be ready for new adventure. Then this is your chance. You will play together with 40 strings: violins, cellos and often double basses. You build up more and more experience. Exciting? Yes, because the orchestra performs regularly! The conductor is Heleen Delis.

Second String Orchestra - Everyone is equally important

If you have been taking lessons for a while, you'll be right at home in the Second String Orchestra. Orchestra leader Imre Meijer knows better than anyone what you and the other students are capable of. He will bring out the best in you. Everyone gets the chance to shine in this orchestra, which performs several times a year during theme evenings or ensemble concerts.

Passionata Strings

This orchestra plays its own pieces and arrangements by the conductor and classical pieces from the repertoire for string orchestra. Beautifully pure and rhythmically well performed.
Of course there are performances before an audience at ensemble concerts at the school or in a church. You have already learned a lot in the other orchestras and will now continue to build on repertoire, bowing technique, sound and vibrato. We will do this with pieces for string orchestra from the classical repertoire. Occasionally we will also play pieces by heart! Passionata Strings is conducted by Mariette Landheer and Jeanny Beerkens.


Iuvenes - with a capital "i" - means "young" and add to that: ambitious! Playing in Iuvenes is a great honor and you will be asked for it. You will play at an advanced level music for string orchestra from the last four centuries. Each time you take an inspiring step further towards professional music practice. Regular masterclasses are given by well-known musicians, and besides the occasional rehearsal weekend, the string orchestra sometimes goes on tour. The orchestra is conducted by Mariette Landheer but strives to give concerts independently as well.

Folk Music Ensemble

The Folk Music Ensemble consists of advanced instrumentalists playing folk music from around the world. From Latin American folk music to Yiddish Klezmer music, from Irish Jigs & Reels to Eastern European Balkan music. The ensemble features recorders, flutes, clarinets, sometimes oboe and tin whistle, violins, accordions, guitars and bass.

The ensemble is under the direction of Robert Baas.


If you have been taking lessons for a little longer, then we take it a step further in the pop band Rizzo. If you are between 12 and 16 years old, your teacher can invite you to join this band. This band, with electric guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drums and of course vocals, stays together for a whole year. Enough time to rehearse for the performances during pop evenings in the Zonnesteinzaal and at the end of June in P60. What are you going to play? That is decided by all the band members together.

Trailers Fit

Are you an advanced musician who is already proficient on the electric guitar, keyboards, bass guitar or drums? Have you discovered the possibilities of your voice and managed to increase your range considerably? Then you may be asked by your teacher to join the Pop Band Trailers Fit. For extra power the band can be completed with horns. You stay together for a whole year and work on a repertoire that suits the band.

Everything is possible. We will see the impressive result during pop nights in the Zonnesteinzaal and at the end of June in P60!

Big Band "PeeWee's Problem

If you're a dyed-in-the-wool saxophonist, trumpeter or pianist and you say Swing Is the Thing, then you're ready for Big Band 'PeeWee's Problem'. You'll play a repertoire ranging from jazz to Latin, with a touch of ska here, a sprinkle of pop there. If there is a need for vocals or additional instruments, they are pulled out of the closet somewhere. So what's the problem? There isn't. Big Band 'PeeWee's Problem' had over 50 performances in two years under the direction of Pim Wittenberns! Who? Ah, PW.

Percussion Group

After about three years of lessons, you may be invited to join the Percussion Group. You will become familiar with various percussion instruments and perform numerous rhythmic numbers with them. Absolute highlights are your performances during pop nights and concerts, where you should not be surprised when the whole hall swings along! Tim Brink is leader of the percussion group.

Children's choir Orion

On Thursdays at the end of the afternoon, you are welcome to sing with peers in Children's Choir Orion. We sing nice, swinging, funny, beautiful and special songs. It's very relaxing and fun. Singing together just makes you very happy! Children's Choir Orion is for children aged 6 - 12 years and is conducted by Laetitia Leemans.

Zonnestein Choir

On Mondays after school you can sing with peers in the Zonnestein Choir. We sing fun, swinging, funny, beautiful, fat and special songs. Very relaxing and fun. Singing together just makes you very happy. The Zonnestein Choir is for children in grades 3 to 7 in elementary school. Teacher: Anna Sollewijn Gelpke.

Mix It youth pop choir

For boys and girls from grade 8 and up, we have the youth pop choir Mix It. This choir sings in a mix of styles and a mix of hip and retro. This choir is for young people between the ages of 12 and 21. The choir is directed by Anna Sollewijn Gelpke.

Project Orchestra Adults

Platform C's Project Orchestra Adults stands for learning together in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Started in the course year 2013-2014, the orchestra offers adult students and adults in general with at least three years of lessons the opportunity to play together in an orchestra. Each course year is worked on in three different blocks of nine weeks. Each block has its own theme. The Project Orchestra is conducted by Irma Bouwmeester and Robert Baas.

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