Shivan Yasin

DJ class

DJ teacher Shivan Yasin has been involved in electronic music for a long time and is currently a music producer and sound designer for various artists and projects.

Have you ever wondered what a DJ does behind the turntables? Because you can't make music with a DJ, you need a musical instrument for that. What the DJ can do is play, edit and mix different songs by using cool effects. A good DJ can make the audience go wild at a party or festival. Think of Martin Garrix, Mike Williams or Tiesto.
The art of DJing is more in the flow and atmosphere you set with the music. For example, the DJ may choose to create an energetic atmosphere, but may also choose to create a dynamic mix, causing the music to pull back and then rebuild to a climax.
Becoming a good DJ requires part music knowledge and part knowledge of the DJ machine. It also requires practice and the ability to keep listening and discovering music. During the DJ course at Platform C you will learn many techniques and skills related to the device, as well as how to mix songs and use the effects. You will be able to independently operate the DJ machine and do a live performance.
You will also receive advice and answers to questions such as purchasing your own DJ set, or discovering your own unique style of music, as well as how to work on a future artist profile.

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