Photo exhibition 'Pearls of Amstelveen'

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In Schouwburg Amstelveen, Friday, Oct. 28, 4:30 p.m., the photo exhibition "Pearls of Amstelveen" will be festively opened by Alderman for Care & Welfare Marijn van Ballegooyen. The exhibition consists of a series of photographic portraits Charlotte Brand made of residents of nursing homes in Amstelveen in the summer of 2022.

The goal of the photo shoot was to make these very people - who often lead reclusive lives, hidden in the closed shell of a nursing home - shine like pearls. The result is worth seeing! Everyone is welcome, but please register before October 27 via the site of Schouwburg Amstelveen. This series can be freely admired in Schouwburg Amstelveen during opening hours until the end of 2022.

A human life in a photographic portrait

'Pearls of Amstelveen' consists of 25 portraits of residents of three nursing homes in Amstelveen. The residents, many of whom suffer from dementia, hardly ever leave the walls of the care facility, are barely seen by the outside world and seem an almost forgotten part of society. However, they have a history and can look back on a lifetime in Amstelveen in which much has happened. Together with Charlotte Brand they listened to their favorite music and told their stories. Then the photo portraits were made: subdued and sober in color. The use of 'Rembrandt' lighting, in which shadow falls over part of the face, emphasizes the dignity of those portrayed.

The motivation of Charlotte Brand

Charlotte Brand (b. 1965) completed the Professional Photography course in 2018. In addition to her work as a portrait photographer, she is also a coordinator at the Odensehuis Amstelveen, a meeting place for people with dementia. There she was touched by the life stories of the elderly and came into contact with nursing home residents. This inspired her to make a portrait series in which these people are given a stage, can shine and proudly present themselves to the Amstelveen community. By making this portrait series, Charlotte also wanted to contribute to more mutual connection and recognition of these special people.

First KickASS idea becomes reality

The idea of the photo report 'Pearls of Amstelveen' was one of the submissions as part of the project KickASS from Platform C. 'ASS' stands for Amstelveen Subsidy Speeddates. KickASS was launched in April 2022 by culture coach Luc Upson of Platform C in collaboration with welfare organization Participe Amstelland and the neighborhood coaches, and was funded by the Amstelveen municipality and Amstelidee. The motivation was the need identified by residents for more cultural activities in the residential neighborhoods. This initiative produced a stream of remarkably creative and engaged ideas. Six ideas were selected, the first of which is now taking shape. The photo series will tour inside and outside Amstelveen, so that people can get to know these special residents of Amstelveen at different locations.


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