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A class year consists of 37 class weeks. Platform C adheres to the school vacations of the municipality of Amstelveen, the vacation schedule is on the website. An annual course is an activity that occurs 35 times or more in a year. A short course is an activity that occurs less than 25 times in the year.

Everyone participates 

Platform C believes it is important that everyone can participate in art and culture, including people with a small wallet. Do you live in Amstelveen and have a low income? Then the municipality can help you. On you can read about eligibility for each scheme and how to apply.

We list the options for taking classes and courses at Platform C for you:

Amstelveen pass for children and adults

For holders of an Amstelveen Pass, there is a discount of 30% on music and dance tuition and Urban Arts and 50% reduction on language courses and creative courses. You can register and pay by debit card at the front desk on the first floor after consulting the administration by phone. The arrangement applies to both adults and children.

For children 4 to 18 years old

Do you have little money? And do you have one or more children between the ages of 4 and 18? Then you may be able to get an allowance for expenses you incur for your child/children. You can use this to (partially) pay for cultural activities, such as music and dance lessons or drawing lessons. You will receive € 375 per twelve months per child.

How it works.
If you want to use the schemes for children aged 4 to 18, you can fill out an application form. The application form will tell you what information the municipality needs from you. Here you can find more information and the form.

You can drop off the application form along with the required documents at the Amstelveenloket (make an appointment before stopping by) or send it to:
Municipality of Amstelveen
Department of Social Services
Reply Number 103
1180 VB Amstelveen

Youth Fund Sports & Culture for children up to age 17

If for some reason the sports/culture allowance through the municipality cannot be used, an application can be made to the Youth Fund Sport & Culture. This applies to all cultural activities. The Youth Fund Sport & Culture is also there for self-employed people with too few assignments or for families with debts. The fund pays the membership fee or tuition and any necessary equipment such as the rental of an instrument.
Note: in Amstelveen, the regulation of the municipality of Amstelveen is the underlying provision. Check first whether you are eligible for a sport/culture allowance. The municipality also has other minimum schemes for children and their parents.

How it works.
Parents cannot apply themselves. This requires an intermediary (intermediary). An intermediary is someone who is professionally involved with the family. Every professional working in education, assistance, welfare or health care is a potential intermediary. For example, a teacher, social worker or community sports coach. Every school has an intermediary. You can contact them and submit your request.

  • The application can then be submitted through the intermediary online through our digital application system. To do this, visit the website
  • Parents can complete the parent card and submit it to their intermediary.
  • Parents or (trainers/teachers of) a sports club or cultural institution cannot apply.

The financial contribution
One sports or cultural activity can be requested per child per 12 months. The fund pays the required tuition fee for one year. In addition, the fund reimburses a maximum of €100 for any necessary cultural attributes. As part of the contribution a maximum of €100 can be requested for camps or sports weekends.

Please note that if your child has an Amstelveen Pass, it can receive a 30% discount at Platform C. In that case, the Youth Fund Sport & Culture will only reimburse the remainder of the cost.

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