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From left to right: Corné van Ginkel, general manager Enjoy Learning Madeleine Heijligers, director-director Platform C Jashin Baroud, director-director Future Face Ernst Jan Wilhelmis, editor-in-chief AAN!
Platform C works together with a large number of partners in Amstelveen and the Amstelland region. This happens more and more under the roof of Platform C at the Stadsplein, in line with the mission of Platform C: to become a creative and educational platform for young and old. Recent collaboration partners include Our Future Face Foundation, media company AAN! Amstelveen and study guidance/homework institute Enjoy! Learning.

Our Future Face: creative space for young people

Until now, there was no location available in Amstelveen for young people to realize their ideas and experiment with contemporary music and video disciplines such as DJ, music production and video editing. This is now possible! In collaboration with Future Face, Platform C developed a creative space for young people within its walls at the Stadsplein. Two spaces, in which they can exchange ideas with like-minded people and ambassadors of the foundation, organize workshops, events and campaigns and practice on the necessary equipment. By enabling these valuable encounters with others, Future Face connects young people among themselves and with other generations and groups in society. How fruitful the partnership between Platform C and Future Face has become in the meantime is demonstrated by recent projects that have included the participation of music venue P60. A number of collaborations have led to the organization of crossover events, and InnerWorld, a seven-week acting course in which young people end up making a short feature film, was recently launched. Future Face is in direct contact with young people. This allows Platform C and partners to better tailor their programs to this target group. See also the site of Future Face.

ON! Amstelveen

Recently AAN! Amstelveen fills a space on the third floor of Platform C. AAN! is a young online broadcaster. The media company doesn't offer 'old-fashioned' radio and TV, but does offer productions in the form of podcasts and video that are offered 'on demand' on the media device of your choice. One of the spearheads is the training of young media talent. AAN works closely with NH Media and the VU University Amsterdam. The talents are guided to realize their media dreams by jumping on the newest media trends and developments. See also ON! Amstelveen.

Enjoy! Learning

The most recent collaboration is the arrival of Enjoy! Learning to Platform C. Enjoy! Learning is a tutoring and tutoring institute for students aged 6-18.
Enjoy! Learning offers tutoring to elementary school students and intensive study guidance and tutoring to secondary school students. The tutors do not only offer subject-related services, but also study skills and planning of coursework. Enjoy! Learning also pays attention to the social-psychological side of the study process to reduce pressure and stress. With this personalized approach, the institute fits in well with the mission of Platform C. To know more: see Enjoy! Learning.

With Enjoy! Learning, her partners also come along. These are Miranda Ridderbosch of Kinderpraktijk Amstelveen and Roos Lambalk of De Kinderfysio Amstelveen. Miranda works as an integrative child therapist and Roos is a child physiotherapist. More information can be found on their websites: and

Pictured, from left to right:
Corné van Ginkel, general manager Enjoy Learning
Madeleine Heijligers, director-administrator Platform C
Jashin Baroud, director-director Future Face
Ernst Jan Wilhelmis, editor-in-chief of AAN!

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