Platform C participates in the Week of Meeting in Amstelveen

The 'Week of Meeting' is just around the corner in Amstelveen. Participe has organized various activities in collaboration with various other organizations and community centers. During this special week, residents will have the opportunity to meet and enjoy a range of activities in the fields of art, culture, sports and welfare. There is plenty to experience in Amstelveen!

Platform C is committed to cultural participation and is participating in two free activities to ensure that the local community can meet during a cultural activity. Platform C invites Amstelveners of all ages to participate in these activities Whether you are interested in creative collaboration or just want to enjoy an evening of music, there is something for everyone.

Offerings from Platform C week of meeting Amstelveen

Creative Collaboration Workshop

On Friday, Sept. 29, Platform C is hosting the Creative Collaboration workshop. The morning will begin with inspiring stories and examples of artists who have excelled in drawing and painting. Participants will then get to practice drawing techniques, improving their artistic skills and experimenting. This workshop provides an opportunity not only to meet like-minded individuals, but also to collaborate, share experiences and have fun in the creative process.

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Singing along with Amsterdam songs

For lovers of old Amsterdam songs, Platform C is offering a special evening. In the evening on Monday, October 2, visitors can let their voices be heard in the Zonnestein Hall. Bring your mother, neighbor or friends and sing your favorite Amsterdam tunes together. Whether you are a singer or just love to sing along, this evening promises to be a unique experience.

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Join us!

Join these activities organized by Platform C during the Week of Encounter. Meet Amstelveeners are part of the community in Amstelveen. For more information on all events during the Week of Encounter in Amstelveen, please visit the website: Participe Amstelland

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