Thu, 13 October 2022, 20:15

Master class Abdelkader Benali
In love with the East: Art


Thu, 13 October 2022, 20:15


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    Stadsplein 99

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Moroccan-Dutch writer and TV presenter Abdelkader Benali highlights in 3 master classes the love that the West nurtured for the East in the years 1840 to 1940. In this master class: the impact on art.

In love with the East

Between 1840 and 1940, the cultures of the Orient find their way into the hearts and minds of European artists. What connects French painter Delacroix, the master of Romanticism, poet Goethe, writer Louis Couperus and dancer Mata Hari? The love of the East. We can hardly imagine it but a hundred years ago the West was in love with the East. The stories of One Thousand and One Nights, the images of Tangier, Constantinople and Cairo, excavations in Syria, translations from Arabic and Persian, musicians from India descending on Holland - it all found its way into artistic expressions. Benali recounts Louis Couperus' trip to Granada, where he fell in love with the last Islamic ruler Boabdil and immortalized it in his novel "The Unfortunate"; Benali explains why Goethe was so impressed by Islam that he taught himself Arabic in order to read the Koran, and takes you to Tangier where the painter Delacroix stumbled upon a world that amazed him and inspired great romantic works. Furthermore, Benali explains how it was that a collection of drinking songs by a Persian mystic, Omar Khayyam, would become the best-selling book around 1900.

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