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The Friends of Platform C Foundation, founded in 2002 as Friends of the Amstelveen School of Music and Dance, supports students in their development and enjoyment. Many special activities have been realized with the support of the Friends. Think of the piano competition, the musical 'Fame', a concert of the string orchestra Camerata in Denmark, an international trip of one of the accordion ensembles and performances of three string orchestras in Florence.

Besides the broad after-school education program that Platform C offers at every level, presentations, performances, concerts and international exchanges are organized. Making music together and gaining stage experience is inspiring and motivating for students!

Income from tuition fees is not enough to pay for these important, extra activities. Therefore, the Friends support these activities, contributing to the development and enjoyment of students. In the coming years, the Friends will continue to work to support students, both in a broad sense and special talent development.

Whereas until now the Friends Foundation has focused on the School of Music and Dance, as of 2023 this will be Platform C wide. This of course follows the merging of the Music and Dance School into Platform C, which will celebrate its 5th anniversary in 2023. This will enable us to support youth and youth leisure and talent development in a broader sense.

In order to continue these activities effectively, the board of the Friends Platform C Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic board member. Also to help set up and improve the administration.

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