Students from Platform C are competing in the 2023 Music Competition! 

Platform C has four young stars in the making, namely Kai Ning, Adrian, Santiago and Daniil. These young students are competing in the 2023 Music Competition. Kai Ning, Adrian and Daniil are showing their musical talents in the category for children ages 4 to 8 and Santiago in the 9 to 12 category.  

The performances

The students have put their heart and soul into their musical performances, and now is the time to support them and enjoy their wonderful performances. Kai Ning and Adrian both participate with the musical instrument violin. Daniil is competing with the musical instrument flute and has submitted two performances. Santiago competes with no less than two instruments, both flute and keyboard. 

You can watch the performances at: 

Click here to watch Kai Ning's violin performance. 

Click here to watch Adrian's violin performance. 

Click here to watch Santiago's flute performance  and Click here to view Santiago's keyboard performance.

Click here to watch Daniil's flute performance and Click here to view Daniil's other flute.


The Music Contest provides an opportunity to show your appreciation for these young musicians by voting for their performances. You can cast your vote through Oct. 22. The winner of the Audience Award will be determined by the number of votes, so please share these great performances with your friends, family and colleagues and let's make sure Kai Ning, Adrian, Santiago and Daniil get the recognition they deserve. 

Don't hesitate to cast your vote and support these young talents in their musical journey. We are extremely proud these students and wish them much success in The 2023 Music Competition! 

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